Study Visa for New Zealand:  Things You Should Know

Are you considering studying in New Zealand? If so, you have to be aware of all the conditions of a student visa. Learn more about the prerequisites, application procedure, costs, and other details for a student visa to New Zealand by reading this blog piece. It can be challenging to apply for a student visa to New Zealand. Before you even consider applying, there are several things you need to research, such as, which visa will be the best fit for you, what the requirements are for a student visa for New Zealand, and how to apply.

Amidst all this, you must also review your trip insurance, medical records, and financial documentation! We have put all the information you require in this blog post so that you may easily obtain your visa and better know what must be done. Supreme Being, the trusted immigration consultants in Ludhiana are here to assist you.

Which Type of New Zealand Student Visa Will I Need?

For students from particular countries or for individuals who wish to study in New Zealand for a particular purpose, you can locate student visas. However, generally speaking, three types of student visas allow you to attend full-time classes in New Zealand:

Fee-paying Student Visa: 

With this visa, you can live independently in New Zealand, work part-time, and study for up to four years in a single subject.

Pathway Student Visa:

With a Pathway student visa, you can work part-time and enroll in three courses consecutively for five years.

Dependent Child Student Visa: 

This type of visa is for individuals who are in New Zealand on a work or study permit, and it permits their dependents to attend primary or secondary schools as domestic students.

New Zealand Student Visa Application Process

Once you are certain that you are eligible to apply for a fee-paying student visa, proceed with the following stages to finish the application process for a student visa to New Zealand:

  • Get your Paperwork

In the following section, we will examine the list of documents needed for your visa application. However, the main idea is to take your time finding these documents. Have them prepared ahead in time.

  • Decide on your Preferred Application Method

While most students prefer to apply online because it is faster, you can also apply with a printed form.

  • Apply

Create a RealMe account with the New Zealand government and begin filling out your application if you decide to apply online. If not, fill out the Student Visa Application form (NZ 1012) by downloading it.

  • Send your Application

If you would like to apply offline, you should find out where the application and other paperwork should be sent.

  • Cover the Cost of the New Zealand Visa (about $57)
  • Await the Outcome

The processing of a student visa takes four to six weeks. However, you may always check the status of your online visa application at any time.

  • Get your Visa

Requirements For New Zealand Student Visa

You must have several documents ready before applying for a student visa fee. What you’ll need for a student visa to New Zealand:

  • A placement offer from a school recognized by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority
  • Proof that you can pay your tuition
  • Evidence that you have sufficient funds to support yourself while studying in New Zealand ($15,000 for your first year, $1,250 per month if your program lasts less than 36 months, a scholarship, or a sponsor)
  • A return ticket from New Zealand, or evidence that you can afford one
  • Certifications of health from physicians recognized by INZ
  • Police certifications obtained from the Passport Regional Office
  • Authorized health and trip insurance
  • Your passport and the appropriate photo (s) in passport format
  • Translations of any non-English texts
  • Fees for a student visa to New Zealand (about $57)

You may also be asked to provide additional documentation, such as a Cover Letter and a Statement of Purpose, by the New Zealand government.


Obtaining a student visa for New Zealand involves careful planning and preparation, including fulfilling necessary documentation and financial requirements. Understanding visa types and application procedures is crucial for a successful study experience in New Zealand. Supreme Being are the best New Zealand study visa consultants in Ludhiana.

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