Guide to Applying for A Europe Student Visa

Every student desires to study abroad since it will satisfy their insatiable curiosity about different cultures and landscapes. Each year that goes by, the number of overseas students increases. International student enrollment has increased significantly in European nations. The existence of prestigious colleges in Europe that provide a wider range of information on various topics is the cause of this expansion. But most students have a problem when deciding which schools and universities are ideal for them. Do you want to move to Europe to continue your education, but you don’t know how to get in touch with people there? Supreme Being is here to support and guide you, so don’t worry. We are the best immigration consultants in Ludhiana. This blog will make it easier to understand how to get a Europe student visa.

Select a Country in Europe

The first and most important decision you need to make is the nation you wish to apply for a student visa. Investigate and determine which locations are most convenient for you. When choosing a nation, you adhere to these selection criteria.

  • The standing of academic institutions and the educational system
  • The nation’s financial stability
  • Accommodation
  • PR and student work permit regulations

Finish the Language Exam

Your main objective should be to get a decent score on the language proficiency test. When applying for a student visa to study in Europe, your proficiency score is just as significant as your academic score. Different language examinations are accepted in different European countries. This is a list of language exams for which you can study.

The majority of European nations recognize IELTS academic; a minimum score of 6.5 bands is required.

Several colleges in Europe, including Germany, are part of TOFEL.

It’s time to go to the following phase once you obtain the necessary score on your English proficiency exam.

Identify Colleges

Find the top universities that will support your academic goals. You can seek assistance from an Ahmedabad-based Europe student visa counsellor for this. Take these things into account while choosing a college or university to help in the decision-making process.


Verify whether or not the college or university offers the accommodations.


The cost of education in Europe is higher than in other nations. However, by studying, you could find the greatest and most reasonably priced courses from reputable institutions. When choosing colleges, consider your financial situation. You can also receive financial assistance through sponsorship or a scholarship program.

Additional Advantages

When you get to the university, you look into its assistance. Certain universities assist their students in locating housing and employment.

Prepare a Document and Submit it to Colleges

Gather all of the documents you’ll need in one location to apply to colleges or universities. You need to have these documents to apply to universities in Europe.

  • A duplicate of your passport
  • Academic transcript
  • A degree certificate or prior coursework
  • Language exam results
  • Purpose Statement (SOP)
  • Once you submit your application, the universities or colleges will review it over a few weeks or months before making a decision

Submit a Visa Application

Apply for a visa as soon as the colleges give their approval. You will need the documents listed below for that.

  • The European University’s offer letter
  • Copy of passport; supporting documentation for your finances
  • Airline tickets
  • The outcome of the exam for English proficiency


Even though there is always competition for admission to institutions, it is advisable to begin the application process as soon as feasible. To learn which universities are the best, get in touch with Supreme Being the best Europe visa consultants in Ludhiana. We offer all the information you need to expedite the process and obtain the visa.

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