Admission Intake

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Many students from around the globe attend foreign colleges each year to pursue higher education. Universities offer many intakes spread out throughout the year at regular and predictable times in order to handle a big influx of students.

Throughout the academic year, the majority of universities worldwide offer two main intakes: spring and fall. But there are a lot of other universities that also have summer intakes.

It indicates that you don’t have to wait a full year for the next opportunity to study abroad if you miss your first one. For example, you can better prepare yourself and apply for the January intake if you miss the spring intake. These intakes give students flexibility and a host of advantages to those who attend from all around the world. 

You are exposed to a world of institutions and their intakes through Supreme Being affiliations with over 650 universities globally. Depending on when you decide to study abroad, Supreme Being focuses on the appropriate intake for you to guarantee that the admissions and visa procedures go smoothly and don’t take up any of your valuable time.

It is advised, nonetheless, that you begin your “study abroad” project nine to twelve months in advance of the intake for which you wish to begin your study abroad programme.

How to Choose Your Destination

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