For partners

Be a part of Supreme Being Consultants, and provide a path to dreams of studying abroad become reality!
Joining a visa consulting firm specialising in overseas education is a “one-shot-two-birds” vertical. One is that you get to assist hundreds of kids in realising their aspirations to “study abroad.” Two, while completing the first task, you can earn substantial commissions and partnership prizes.
At Supreme Being, we place equal emphasis on partner happiness as we do on providing the student community with exceptional service.
We are strong believers in the positive effects that a strong Partner community can have on students. In order to honour these devoted Partners, Supreme Being is dedicated to:
Join the Supreme Being community as a Partner today to enjoy the satisfaction of assisting the student community in realising their aspirations of studying abroad while earning a substantial income.
  • enticing commissions to Partners for each university admission of a successful student
  • On-time commission payments to maintain the satisfaction and loyalty of our Partner community
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